More weird shit

Sleep is super incubation. Something I learned in class, and something that I believe in myself. I have solved so many tough Math problems just after some sleep, which I could not get my head around before, I have stumbled across solutions for my problems after a good sleep.

So yeah, I just had a siesta. It was not nice, because I got up due to hot flushes. But  I got the motivation for doing something that I have been thinking of doing for six months now. I have been thinking of maintaining a people diary, to write down what I think of the people I care about, I do not give a fuck about etc. About the people who say something, but act differently, about the people whose behaviours are odd in some or the other way. I have always wanted to do this, for quite a few reasons. Before I went to sleep, I had had a chat with a friend who was amazed at how well I can read people’s minds (covered in vanity, I know 🙂 ). She said some more things, but I will reserve them for now. When I got up now, I realized why two people said/did something recently which I had found odd, and could not find the reasoning behind their behaviours. And. And. And. I have been watching Sherlock Holmes for some time now. Heehee.

Another set of reasons. I have been dabbling with the idea of writing something on EQ and IQ. I don’t think I have very high quotient of either of them, but there is a lot of stuff that keeps me wondering. It’s not the usual writing stuff. I want to find out more about these things. I have some theories running in my head. I want to check if they are true. People diary it is. Being alone has its benefits – you do weird shit, you keep your weird shit to yourself, you have lots of time to do weird shit. Also, if I misread someone in the wrong way, it is not going to affect me much; I am a person with hardly any scruples.

It’s almost funny, how I describe that I am gonna be more wasted, vain, judgmental 😀

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