Of footprints and memories

ImageJust as I try to hold on to moments, moments like granules of sea sand…

Memories are much like footprints left on the shore of a sea. You create moments, and you create imprints. Some people think that time heals, because it fades away the memories. Just like several tides make the footprints vanish away. But these are the people who are fooled to believe that time has taken away those memories. That way, it hurts less. Memories that make you shed a tear or two, they can be happy, they can be sad. How and why do you have to forget them? You really do not have to.

The tide sure will have washed away the footprints, the footprints of a traveler who either bothered to look back, or did not, as he created those tiny little puddles. The tide will have done its job. Its job is to embrace those footprints, engulf them, and make it the sea’s. The waves, they are not cruel or condescending, they are just loving, embracing. They take away all that one has to give to them. And so is time, so are those memories. They do not fade away with time. They become a part of you. You are what those moments make you. You may act indifferent, you may grow up every day, you may die every day. But nothing can change the fact that something existed. Memories, those crazy sweet sticky little things, they stay somehow.



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