Love and Travel

TravelIt’s never too late for love and travel. What do I place higher, when comparing? I think, travel. Yes, I think so.

Both love and travel teach you a lot, bring out emotions and feelings in you, that you never knew existed. They make you a person you like looking at in the mirror. Then why is traveling a bit dearer to me than love? Well, there are many reasons.

The first reason is very selfish. Love can make you sadder than it can make you happy. It will make you smell the blossoms and rain, feel the light and seasons, see sparks and bubbles. It will give you that Euphoric feeling that nothing else can. It will lend a purpose to this otherwise drag life. But but but, only when it wants to. When it does not want to, it will burn away all of the above, burn it down to ashes, and drown it with the pitter-patter of relentless rain. If you ever manage to come out of the fury of love, you will hardly recognize yourself, the person that you used to be. But travel, it gives you all the experiences, good and bad, to only make you a person you will grow to love. It is always nice to you. If love is a bed of roses with thorns, travel is a never-ending path of daises and cacti and lotuses and algae and scorpions and sand and stars and moon and sun everything else.

Love needs you to include someone in your plans. I have always believed that it is wrong to include anyone in your plans, or get included in someone else’s. It’s a sin. When plans break, they break hearts, and pull at the strings that hold people together. When you travel, you make your own plans, and execute them by yourself. You are happy, no one is sad.

I have given more than my share and taken away more than I should have. Yes, I have counted. I have done things that I believed and still believe to be sacrilege. It has made me now want to lead my life alone. I am way too young to be saying this, but I cannot be kidding myself, saying such things, and secretly waiting for love. I hold love in very high regard, and watching people in true love brings a smile to my face, goosebumps on my skin. But I myself am too distorted to get into it, to be able to believe that I am cut for that kind of love. As for travel, I think that is what does not need much. If I have money, I can visit the corners of this sphere, if not, I can go round about the polygon of the town I am in. I can pluck coffee beans if I have money, or sit in cheap coffee shops if I do not. I can frolic in different waters if I have money, if I do not, I can still watch the same sky, wherever I am. I can talk incessantly to strangers, or stay silent among the people I know too well. I can choose what I want to do with my life.

Love, I love. Travel, I lover.

Though I love to travel alone, I often think of a friend when I think of traveling to new places. And here’s a song for all of that 🙂

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