Painting 1

So I am done with my first painting. I was thinking about how to present it to the class, and there is no better place than this to start off 🙂

I love music, short stories, painting, photography etc.

Two things in life that keep me going are love and travel. How about combining the things I love to do, and create something that represent the values that keep me going?

I will start with love, because I finished that painting first 🙂 I plan to play Nina’s Dream when narrating this story.

No story ever told has been greater than a love story. This is a quote from the movie Les Poupees Russes (which I had segue-reviewed before). William, a British who cannot speak Russian, falls in love with Natacha, a Russian who cannot speak English. When he is looking after the stage lights for a ballet performance, he falls in love with her. After a year they meet, and William has learned Russian, to be able to speak with her, tell her that he loves her. He brings his friend and sister for a ballet performance, to show them how lovely Natacha looks, among the other ballet dancers. They cannot spot her, because she looks just like the other girls on-stage, and dances in tandem with them, just like them. Friend and sister say – but they all look the same! William has his eyes set just on Natacha, and he says – No!



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