Return to the Innocence

Innocence. Naivety. Two very different things, but what do they mean?

Can a person be a complete devil, but still be divinely innocent? Kids, they say, are innocent. But I think they are meatballs who are kleptomaniacs, and scheme things very ingeniously. They know how to get things their own way, and how to attract people. They are born with these tricks. How adorable that makes them!

As we grow up, we lose the abilities to trick people as easily as kids do. There is a spark of innocence that stays. That we exhibit toward the people we love, we care about. A relationship is beautiful as long as this spark of innocence stays, despite all the ups and downs, fights, etc. You can act very mean and selfish, but there is still purity in those actions, that delicate innocence. If and when that innocence is lost, things start crumbling down. You do things that are unlike you. You do things to hurt, unintentionally. A corollary from what the great Oscar Wilde had once said – A gentleman is one who never hurts anyone’s feelings unintentionally.

I do not know what much to say about this, and I am very tempted to post with this Enigma’s Return to the Innocence. But I will instead post a song that is remotely, but yet, related to what I am trying to say. It’s called Dance with Me. The original by Lords of the New Church is funnily disturbing (don’t watch the video, and it will sound good). The cover by Nouvelle Vague is ethereal. Enjoy 🙂



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