Stranger on a sunny day

Some of the best conversations I have had in my life have been with complete strangers, whom I met once, and then never again. It made me wonder – am I making it up in my head because of the “mystery” factor that we associate with strangers, and am fooled to believe that those conversations were wonderful? Or were those conversations really wonderful for some reason? I think there is a reason why it’s so nice talking to strangers, people you know you are never going to meet again. Somewhere at the backs of your minds you both know that you are a stranger, and going to be so. And that’s where it begins. You are uninhibited. Free of ties, strings, prejudices. If you are going to talk for a couple of minutes to someone you do not know, you would better talk about things you love, you believe in, you would like to share. It is definitely much better than talking about empty meaningless shit to someone you do not know, you do not give a fuck and do not have energy for such crap. And that makes you just as beautiful as the stranger, and you set off on a short and sweet journey together.

I had one such beautiful conversation with my cab driver today. A very old man, basically from Europe. We talked about our love for history, geography, places, and how knowing these things lends you wisdom. We shared our pity for those who do not understand the importance of all these. We talked about education systems, about our dislike for competitions. I told him that I was visiting my school friend in NYC to give her a surprise for her birthday, and he told me about his girlfriend from the 70’s with whom he used to go to NY once every month. We talked, and listened. A lot. In just about 20 minutes.

You got to love strangers mamma!

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