Lazy is good

I love basking in my laziness. It’s a beautiful state of being, utter bliss. It’s like an eternal state of unwinding yourself. People want to relax after a tiring day, after shit has happened, after they have worked hard, and so on. When you are lazy, you do not go out looking for such reasons to relax. You just relax. Eternally. It’s awesome.

There are two types of lazy I have created in my own head, when in the state of blissful laziness. They are – downright dirty lazy, and nice lazy. I believe that I am nice lazy. Well, you got to create something like that in your head, for self- redemption. And of course, because it’s true and no one is going to think about it anyway (surely not your fellow lazy beings). *Pats on back*

Downright dirty lazy is something that everyone knows, probably. You look dirty, you smell dirty, your house is never clean, and so on. I do not want to go on about this one, because I already do not know where I am heading to with it.

I proudly call myself nice lazy. Nice. Lazy. Even as I type this, I close my eyes, smile, up my shoulders to touch my cheeks. I feel so good about being lazy! Nice lazy might need a little bit of explanation, and I would love to do the honours.

In a nutshell, I am not dirty, just disorganized. My room is almost always clean, but always messy. It’s an organized mess (so that cancels out disorganized too. Wow!). I always get what I want. I have everything I would ever need next to my bed. Nothing is sloppy, just messy. If someone tries to organize it, I hate it.

I take a sentence or two to express something. I am so lazy, that I usually find it pointless to try to explain myself ever. My laziness has made me a person of few words. Terse. Precise. I would like to thank my laziness for lending me these accessories. Occasionally, people also find me sarcastic, because I just use 1 to 2 words, or facial expressions, or gestures, when speaking is just too much of a pain. Now who would not like being called sarcastic!

I do not run the rat race. People think I am not ambitious, which strictly speaking, I am not. Again, thanks to laziness. It has made me a simple, humble person.

I use every technology to its maximum potential when I have to. Eg. I ping my roommate who lives downstairs, if I have to tell her something. It’s awesome, because she replies back with a ping, and does not complain a bit. She used to, initially, but now has come to appreciate this arrangement herself. These are simple conversations that do not really need any human warmth.

I hardly ever use my cellular. I hate talking over phone. Lazy. Also, it heats up my ear like crazy, and I would rather meet a person, look into their eyes, fumble as I talk, etc. than talk to them over phone. Now this is not a contradiction to what I said earlier about using technology to its maximum potential. Also, it is not feasible to be able to talk to your loved ones face-to-face always. But under normal circumstances, I use my phone only when absolutely necessary.

It has its con too. There are times when you are confused if you are tired or lazy. The litmus test for this is to have a look at your accomplishments. If you have not accomplished anything from your to-do list, chances are you are simply feeling lazy. Bingo! Apart from that, I think I will have to scratch my head really hard to come up with more cons. Duly note that the con is not that you have not accomplished anything, it’s that you are confused what state you are in – lazy or tired.

Laziness makes me look vain, snobbish, messy, etc. But heck! Whoever said it’s a bad thing to be lazy should try being lazy for a week at least. Nice lazy.

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