Heart full of jellies, and kidney full of beans

Heart full of jellies, and kidney full of beans

I think of had-beens, I think of would-have-beens

Bus bumping on a winding road, making you hungry and thirsty

Ferris wheels and beer and carousels, making you dizzy

Photographs etched and lost, of crazy laughter and meaningful touches

Whispering your songs into ears, and laughing some more

As you lay on grass, and talk about quinces and stars and old relationships

And then you see the stars again, this time with eyes closed

Finding ways on winding roads, once again, you say your goodbyes

Topsy-turvy, smiling-hiding, sweet nothings

Sweet smell of a dark bedroom, a bedroom dark deliberately

Hands inside hands, warm and cozy

Stars in the sky, made of bears, small and big bears

More goodbyes, more hiding, touching hearts, or may be, a heart?

For the final goodbye should not be there ever

But if it is, will she ever know? Or will she lose the firefly, forever?

The fever raises to a high pitch

And culminates as a gentle sneeze

Sillily, jellies and beans thought of this afternoon


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