It takes courage…

It takes courage to write an unassuming, beautiful story. To write it without the fear of judgement. It takes so much courage to write such a story, that when you have that courage, and that story with you, you don’t even need the courage anymore.

It also takes courage to read such a story, or watch it. It takes immense courage. You make a promise to the author, that you are going to give your 100% to the story. That you are not going to get distracted. That you are not going to mix it with any other story. That you are not going to be lazy, or careless. That you are not going to relate it to your life, because it’s a new story, and not your story. On that note, you might think that you are sailing in the same ship as many other people. But no, you are sailing alone, as every one else. Talk less, and listen more, and you will know that his story is his, and yours, yours to keep. Your story can never be the same as his, even if you plagiarize, or live vicariously.

Coming back on track, it takes courage to read a new story. I lack that courage now. I cannot make a promise, that my heart won’t flutter out of the window permanently if I read it. I can’t promise, that I will not relate the story to my life. I cannot promise, that I will cry more, or laugh more, than I would otherwise have. I don’t possess the courage today, to read a new story. So I pick my favourite story, that I have read so many times before, and start reading it. I don’t have to make any promises to the author, though the author, like always, promises that the story will shake the ground off my feet. It will make me smile, and make me cry like a fool in the end. It’s a story that I know so well, and so I pick it up once again. But I do not keep my promise. I stop reading it for some reason.

PS: Unsaid promises, when broken, break you the most.

PPS: You have been successful reading a story if you have cried for the STORY,  and not for yourself.

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