Just another day

I walk down the serene lane…the busy lane…

The wind blows, trying hard to push away the hood on my head, but fails. When I think that it’s about to succeed, I cheat it, I start walking backwards.

The sun shines upon faces, tiny faces of the kids running around, beautiful faces of girls and boys looking for the right direction, an old man stooping with the world’s weight weighing down his tired shoulders. He halts many times, to give way to the kids, the youngsters. Hardly anyone notices him, and his torn jacket.

I walk down the lane, with an untold story in my head, songs playing in my ears without any earphones, words dancing on the tip of my tongue, protected by unmoving lips.

I walk with tiny steps, with giant leaps.

I reach home, make myself some tea, drink it as I stare outside my window, looking at the serene, busy lane.

It’s just another beautiful day.

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