I think..

1. If you cannot love with all that you have got, give it time. Ask yourself why you cannot. If you still cannot, get out of it.

2. Don’t be prejudiced. If you have been with ten people to find an annoying pattern, don’t use it to push away the eleventh person. It’s a general rule I use for anyone really. I never punish someone because of past experiences by failing to give them a chance at friendship, love, whatever.

3. Never sacrifice, compromise. When you do something for someone in love, and start calling it a sacrifice or compromise, you are counting things. You are in trouble. You do something because you love someone, and it should not feel like a sacrifice, or a compromise.

4. Be covered. Be covered with love. Dream high. Go mad. Think of someone every day and every night. But do not ever lose yourself. Take your own responsibility. You don’t want to feel bitter about someone you love. Whether they love you back or not.

5. No pride, no ego. There’s no place for all these crappy things in love. You cannot love someone with all your heart if your pride is more important for you than the person you love. Never beg. Tell the person how you feel, and leave it to that. Love conquered out of begging, manipulating, or forcing it down someone’s throat cannot be beautiful.

6. Do not be reckless. Do not hurt anyone. Try, at least. Period.

Call me vain. But no two people are perfect. It is just love that can be achingly sweet. And that is how I want it. No frills attached. Simple love.

If what I said sounds boring, listen to this beautiful song J http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wq2jhs19_V8

PS: Love will fling you to the ground. Love will make you soar into the sky.

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