Say what

It’s one of those days when you can’t stay put, when you can’t say much either.

I will talk about something that is not the thing on my mind really. My friend asked me today why I turned into a vegetarian, which reminded me of a 11-year old or something incident. I had been to my aunt’s place, in my village. I loved the chicken she used to prepare, and asked her to cook some for me. My cousin caught a hen in front of me. I begged him to stop and not kill it. He killed it anyway, and my aunt made me chicken. Goes to say, I did not eat it, and never ate any non-veg food after that day.

Chicken tandoori happens to be my favourite food, even today, and I think it is the tastiest thing ever. My dad would bring home chicken tandoori once every week so that I start eating it again, but I did not. There came a point, when the hen-killing remembrance was not so strong anymore, and chicken tandoori started looking much tastier than ever before, but I managed not to touch it. After a couple years, I was fine. I do not have to try at all now, to resist. I just don’t care anymore.

I try not to use leather. After coming to the US, I lost a lot of weight, and was tempted to switch back to non-veg. But vegetarian food is not really sparse here, and I realized I could manage well with vegetarian if I just bring in some system into my life. It’s very easy to stay vegetarian in India. I don’t claim that I will never eat non-veg. If it comes to my sustenance I will definitely eat it. But now is not that moment. For sure.

PS: This is written with all due respect to those who eat non-veg. To each his own. It’s all completely my choice, my opinion, and applies only to myself.

Bon appétit, friends 🙂

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