Great Expectations

Someone had suggested this movie, quite some time ago. Actually, exactly two months ago.

I had watched about 1/4 of the movie back then, and then decided not to go ahead with it. I do not know why. Today I played the entire movie, finally.

It’s a nice movie. I am not enthralled, though. That is because, I, among all the people, can say that such kind of love can exist, and does exist. As for Finn, Stella is tied to his childhood through to his adulthood. The childhood of loneliness, of the sea, of painting, of silence. There is no wonder that he keeps loving her. No wonder, for such a situation, and such a personality as Finn.

One very important point, which is revealed in the end is that, he knows Stella. Though he questions her behaviour throughout, he knows her, and so can keep loving her.

But a 2-hour movie cannot depict what happens in real life. It shows moments of outbursts Finn experiences, and after 8 years, how he has coped up. It does not show every moment of hopelessness, every night of sleepless shivers, every morning of tired eyes, every twitch of heart. It cannot show this. It cannot show what it does to a person, how it makes the person old and tired, and not rich and handsome. If it did, you would call Finn mad, weirdo, psychopath. People do not change essentially, but they adapt. Where does it show this?

Also, it’s interesting how Dinsmoor plots the entire love story, just to see someone suffer like she had, to make her dark fantasies come out true. I do not understand though, how so many years of bitterness and madness just vanish away, when Finn makes her feel his heartbeats. It takes her hardly a minute to realize the devil act she has performed.

Movies are nice to watch.


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