A song for you

Come here, I will sing for you today

What makes you cry so much?

What makes you tremble?

Come here out in the sun with me

Let’s laugh and drink some tea..

Don’t you want to get up? Don’t you want to run and feel the wind on your beautiful face?

Don’t you want to sing happy songs? Tell me, don’t you?

Because if you don’t want to, I will have to come back later

I don’t know of any other song that will make you feel better.

Look around you, look around us. Everyone stuck so deep in their own sorrows

They can no more see others’ tears

They have stopped sensing others’ fears

Stop taming that storm inside you, else you will get used to it

And then I cannot sing you a song I know to be sweet

Is the sea not much more beautiful when the sun shines?

When the waves sing to you sweet melodies?

When birds swim and fish fly?

Come with me dear

That sea is not very far from here….



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