I am listening to Punjabi songs this evening, and my sweet Punjabi friend is translating to me the meaning of every stanza.

Gurdass Maan is a Punjabi musician I have known since childhood. My mother always used to say that he is one handsome man. Now I really am love with his songs. He is one male singer who sings not for his own love, but for the love of a village woman, whose lover has left her alone. Are there many male singers like that? I don’t think so. He writes his own lyrics, and cries for the village woman out there, a woman who has only love to lose, and nothing else. And that is what she has lost.

Parande is one such beautiful song. This is how some of its lyrics go:

Neend na vekhe bistara te bhukh na vekhe maas
Maut na vekhe umar nu te ishq na vekhe jaat

Sleep does not look for a bed, Hunger does not look for what meat it is eating.

Death does not look at the age, love does not look at religion

Tusi lang jana vi sanu tang jana
Tusi aauna nahi kise ne sanu lauhna nahio
Oh tange rehnde killian de naal parande jinnan de raati yaar vichde

You will leave me hanging

You will not come back, and I do not want to give my affection to anyone else now

Let the parandas of those (a hair adornment used by Punjabi women) stay on the hook, whose lovers have left them overnight


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