Les poupées russes – Segue from review

So i also saw the sequel to the movie. It’s called Les poupées russes, that translates to russian dolls.

It’s a perfect sequel, in the sense it joins all the threads it has left open in L’auberge Espagnol. The flow is just right, and every scene is perfectly executed. It looks like you are reading back things in your own memory, vividly. It made me happy. It was a pleasure treating all my senses. But the core of the movie disappointed me. Hugely. May be it’s just me – a puritan with a clear conscience, whatever wrong I do, and someone who believes in everything dark. Anyway, here goes:

You see grand vitesse starts the movie. And pretty much runs to and fro throughout, giving some sense of nostalgia. A fast-moving, easily-connecting, a bit nauseating grand vitesse is a prop used liberally in the movie. Xavier has gotten rid of unwanted complexities in life, become a writer, but not to live happily ever after that. He has now jumped into graver problems, which come with experiencing more of life. It’s funny that when you start getting deeper meanings of things, and making sense of complex stuff, you tend to screw yourself up even more, rather than getting things sorted for yourself. I will not give any details of the movie here, because it’s something that you must experience yourself, and the more profound your emotions, the better you will enjoy every bit of it. I won’t spoil it for you.

I will just talk about the part I did not like, which is a spoiler alert. Xavier gets close to Wendy, when she is going through a really rough phase in her life. She comes to love Xavier too. But he lies to her when he gets a call from Celia, and leaves Wendy alone. Celia is a girl every guy would dream to achieve, a seductress, irresistible. She sleeps with Xavier, and when Xavier is building dreams to be with her, she uses him like a doormat and leaves him high and dry. That’s when Xavier goes back to Wendy; after much pleading, she accepts him and they get back together. He says that he has finally found his true love, after having peeled off layers of dolls, not really knowing which one is the last one. And when he found his last doll, he knew it was her. My question is, would he have known, had Ceila not left him high and dry? Ceila might have treated him fine, but could never have given him the kind of love Wendy gave. Would he have then found out? Xavier’s love is pure selfish.

It’s a depiction of what happens in real life too. People set their expectations not by how much they can love and be loved back, but by how much they can achieve. When a guy lays hands on someone like Ceila, it becomes so difficult for him to let go of her, because he is afraid that he cannot find someone like her ever again. Ceila’s beauty can be replaced with any other feature. Xavier suffers a lot, but it’s his own suffering. It’s not a suffering out of love, it’s a suffering of desperation, of wanting to be loved. Only a handful are capable of true love. A lover, if in a relationship, never suffers any pain alone. If not in a relationship, well… If I ever suffered in love, this is what I would tell the person I love:
I love you
And in my suffering
You will suffer
If you love me too


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