You do not intend to, but I do

I have always wondered, what if I understand more from a piece of art, than the artist intended to convey. A piece of music, the lyrics of which meant something more to me than what a simple guy intended to express through his music, a piece of written work, where I read between the lines, when all that was there between the lines was empty white space, an act of lovely love, where I got more emotional than the person intended me to be, and so on.

I have taken a liking to look at the rendition of music by random people, of course, on youtube. These random people compile videos for some piece of music, the original video of which is quite different, and means a lot different from the rendition.

I have treated myself to one such video very well:

The insects in here crawl on me, grow on me, enter me, and treat me bad with all their cruelty


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