And….it rained!

A large dark Cloud looming over, pushing away the agonizing sun, filtering its hard rays and letting out only gentle scattered rays of light.

The Cloud casts its own shadow on everything; the doom-like Cloud has a lot to pour its vanity on the Earth who has been made to wait and utterly seduced.

How desperately she waits for the wetness! To drown the pain inflicted upon her by the giant sun. And how the Cloud keeps teasing her with an almost heart-wrenching calmness!

The grey Cloud moves out of sight, to give way to the handsomely-shaped bright one, blindingly bright!

The hiding birds and butterflies come out again to exist between the fickle Cloud and the unfulfilled Earth. They chirp, fly, hunt and eat.

The Earth forgets her melancholy and serves them like a mother. She gets back to her business.

The leaves still quiver a bit; the lakes send tiny hopeful ripples. The flowers become brighter- red, pink and peach.

The boughs and barks are leased for wiry nests, warm eggs and shrieking babies of birds; gulping down large hairy worms with their blood red ever-open mouths.

This kind of desertion sends pangs of envy through the Cloud. Still dark, it thunders and sends down large beads of purity to the surprised Earth. She accepts the shower willingly.

And everyone in between hides, to watch them make the most beautiful love ever!



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