Story in my Music – Girl, you’ll be a woman soon

I think what makes Pulp Fiction Pulp Fiction is the medley of a hell lot of awesome songs for every scene. Is it why it’s called Pulp Fiction? Cut the situational songs from the scenes, and Pulp Fiction won’t be half as enjoyable. Whenever I watch a scene I like in a movie, I replay it, again and again, until I am convinced that I have absorbed every bit of it. I did so with most scenes in Pulp Fiction, because the movie is all about anecdotes.

If you want to watch (once again?) Mia hum along to the tunes of ‘Girl…’, and dance like a crazy free bird, before and after she has ‘powdered her nose’ and Vincent say some really funny dialogues to himself in the loo mirror, trying hard to keep himself from the irresistibly seductive Mia, watch this:

If you want to watch the kickass performance by Urge OverKill where now Nash Kato seems to have powdered his nose, go here –

Now, let me talk a bit about the original ‘Girl…’ by Neil Diamond. Though I have put it after Urge OverKill’s cover, I still love it more, the most. I will tell you why. I was watching ‘Friends’. Season 1, episode 15 – The one with the stoned guy. The very innocent Ross is seeing bug-lady Celia, whom he gets to his place to introduce her to his monkey (not speaking metaphorically). Marcel (Ross’ monkey) swings on to Celia’s hair, scaring her to bits and making her squeal, and Ross rescues her by offering a banana to the monkey.

After that, the two kiss each other passionately. Celia asks Ross to ‘talk to her’. You naturally think this is the kind of communication she is asking for, where lovers want to talk more when making love, say sweet things. And Ross tries to do that sincerely. Celia shuts him up, and commands him to talk dirty to her. Poor Ross! Sigh! And all along plays Neil Diamond’s ‘Girl…’ And boy! It sounds just as lovely even when it’s played for a fickle, awkward, and very short love story shown in Friends. Also, that’s where I caught the song from, and dug deep into it. Urge OverKill did not give me an urge enough to go beyond the performances of Mia and Vincent, and of course, the zestful performance by the band itself.

When I heard Neil Diamond sing it, the lyrics hit me, and I could feel the pain of a man pleading to the girl he loves, that she look at him, and understand him. The world has already declared him to be a loser, someone who is not in the same league as the girl he is pleading to. The world has clearly misunderstood him, and his earnestness speaks for itself. He realizes that she needs a man, and tells her that he is the one. He asks her to come and take his hand. And all through, you sense a painful insecurity in his voice, where he is scared of losing her. Tell me if you can not feel the pang after listening to this (again?) –

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Artists belonging to different genres have tried to cover this song, and done a fair job, I would say. Enjoy the song in different flavours:

By Cliff Richard. It sounds very crisp. Cliff is not at all scared, but a confident guy explaining himself to the girl pretty clearly. He’s the kind who will feel very bad if she doesn’t choose him, but can move on for sure J –

Want to take a break and not really want to know what the lyrics mean? 16 volt covers the song brilliantly. Rock it –

Want to know how the song would sound like when you do it in a disco style? By Biddu & The Orchestra – It reminds me of all the old Hindi disco songs I listened to and still listen to. Of course, Biddu got Bollywood some of the best ones!

And finally, some pure acoustics. Gabriella Cilmi performing – It’s all about her voice, short hair, red lipstick, and a bathtub –

It’s amazing how the same song can have different effects when sung by different people in different ways.

PS: there is nothing like an overdose of music 😉


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