Secret Beauty

She pulled up her veil. Her face was small with beautiful large kohl-filled eyes; warm and brown eyes that looked like heated honey, eyebrows that needed no plucking, a sculpted standing nose, very slightly rouged high cheek bones and thin shapely lips with a subtle artificial red colour to it. All these features were embedded in that small face. The only visible but luminous face against the dark burqa. She took out a hand mirror from inside her cheap cheetah-print bag and started observing her face keenly. She caught the brown strands of hair carelessly flying in the air and beating against her face and put them behind her ears very neatly. Then she touched her cheeks simply with her bare finger tips and checked if her slight make-up was still alright. She put back the mirror inside her cheap bag and sat still for a few minutes. Without pulling down her burqa. As if letting the other women in her compartment gaze at her beauty. And savouring it herself. Then suddenly she pulled back her veil on her face so that only her large kohl-filled eyes could be seen. That spoke of the secrets of the beauty hidden inside the warm honey-filled eyes, if anyone cared to listen.

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