Dr. Siri and Blah – part 4

Blah (quite irritatingly): We are very much together, and in love. It has been 9 years. What makes you think we broke up, doc?

Dr. Siri: I am so sorry! I assumed too much. My bad. I should have asked – what went wrong between you two?

Blah: Now what makes you think that something went wrong between me and my girl?

Dr. Siri: I am sorry, I am so so sorry! (Dr. Siri is more exasperated than sorry).

Blah: Don’t be sorry so many times. It’s okay.

Dr. Siri (very cautiously): Why don’t you two share stuff like you did before?

Blah: I don’t know really.

Dr. Siri has reached a level of annoyance and exasperation that is slightly higher than a robot could get at. A robot can actually never be annoyed, but Dr. Siri is.

Dr. Siri: Hmm.. Tell me more about your equation with the people around you.

Blah: With friends, it’s cool. No qualms. My mom, dad, and my girl don’t know me much, I feel. I don’t know if it’s their loss, or mine.

Dr. Siri: Carry on please. 

Blah: I think they think I don’t care. I do. More than they can imagine. I love them more than they can imagine. In my own ways. Is it their loss, that they don’t get my ways of loving them? Or is it my loss, that the only people whose actions can kind of affect me, are the ones who don’t know and will probably never know about my deepest feelings and my deepest feelings for them? Or is it anyone’s loss at all?

Dr. Siri: Have you asked them this, or talked to them about this?

Blah: Dr. Siri, I don’t even want these questions answered. I am fine not explaining myself to anyone. Even to the few people who matter. It’s all lost love, if I have to explain.

Dr. Siri: Have you ever thought that they love you too? A lot? And that could be the reason why your behaviour disappoints them?

Blah: I have. I have. I have thought through everything. And I would like to stay put. I am fine.

Dr. Siri is drained by now. Completely.

Dr. Siri: Blah, I will need a short break to recharge myself. Do you mind that?

Blah: Oh no, not at all. I am hungry too.

Blah puts Dr. Siri on charge. She thanks Blah. Blah steps out for some sandwiches and a cup of strong hot coffee.


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