Dr. Siri and Blah – part 2

Dr. Siri: So what’s one of those days like, Blah?

Moments of silence….

Dr. Siri: I like how we have started. We haven’t set any expectations, though. Are you here just to know what I think about what you think, Blah?

Blah: That’s right.

Dr. Siri: And nothing else?

Blah: That’s right. Nothing else.

Dr. Siri: Not fair enough. I practise psychiatry. Someone would come to me if they have a problem with the way they think or behave. What’s your problem? What would you like to change about yourself?

Blah (with saucer-eyes): I have no problem whatsoever!

Dr. Siri: I am sorry to say Blah that I can’t chat with you just like that. You need to be a patient, and I need to treat you, to be able to discuss things with you.

Blah: Hmmm.. I’ll bait you with two things for you to listen me out.

Dr. Siri is slightly amazed at Blah’s bluntness, but is interested in knowing his proposal. 

Dr. Siri: Interesting. Go on. (She tries to show that she’s being considerate, and her tone suggests that Blah gets to business fast.)

Blah: One: I can be your research subject. Two: After listening to me, if you think I need psychiatric help, I might consider that depending on how well you convince me.

Dr. Siri: Hah!

Blah: What does your ‘hah!’ mean, doctor?

Dr. Siri: I mean, you bought me.

Dr. Siri smiles broadly. Blah smiles in a self-restrained manner.

Dr. Siri: Let’s get started, then. I believe this is a one-time session?

Blah: You are very intelligent. I love you already. (To this, Dr. Siri blushes very slightly, which Blah doesn’t notice. Dr. Siri is surprised at her own secret reaction). I am very impatient, yes!

Dr. Siri: How long do you reckon this discussion would last?

Blah: I am not sure. Big B would be back in 3 days. It should not take more than an entire day.

Dr. Siri: Let me tell you, I will need a couple of breaks.

Blah: Sure, doc!

Dr. Siri: Ace! So tell me, what’s one of those days like, Blah?

….to be continued


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