Dr. Siri and Blah – part 1

Dr. Siri: Hello, Dr. Siri. How do you do?

Blah: Hello Dr. Siri. I am Blah. I would say I don’t know how I feel. It’s one of those days, you can’t blame me. Thanks for asking, though.

Dr. Siri: Blah, that’s alright. Would you like to tell me, what one of those days is like?

Blah: Well…Let me begin by telling you that my head is absolutely fine. I do not need any psychiatric help. I am here just to tell you something that I haven’t told anyone. In all these years. When I feel what I feel when it’s one of those days.

Dr. Siri: Has anyone told you that you need psychiatric help?

Blah: No. No one has.

Dr. Siri: So you came here by yourself. But you don’t think you need any psychiatric help. Is that right?

Blah: That sounds right!

Dr. Siri: Cool! Going back to what you said earlier, looks like there’s noodles cooking in your head. I mean, lots of thinking going on in there. Anyway, why would you meet me in the first place, when you don’t think you need any psychiatric help? Let’s begin by answering that question. Let’s set some expectations first, Blah.

Blah: Fair enough. I’ll shoot my reasons:
1. You, Dr. Siri, are not a human being. I don’t want to tell a human being.
2. You, Dr. Siri, are a a psychiatrist. I can expect you to tell me what you think about what I think, by thinking objectively, logically, and without any biases.

Dr. Siri (clearing her throat): That’s a lot of thinking involved. So you would have met a human psychiatrist. But because they would have been humans, you would not.

Blah: Precisely. Likewise, I could have told a Persian cat, or a bulldog, or a stone, for that matter. But it’d be better continuing to talk to myself and debate with myself, than talking to a Persian cat, or a bulldog, or a stone, for that matter.

Dr. Siri: Riiiight… No humans because?

Blah: Because I don’t feel like telling most things to anyone. Or sharing with anyone.

Dr. Siri: Now you do, So why (Blah cuts in)

Blah: Before you say anything further, I don’t. I don’t feel like sharing. I am just curious to know what someone would think of what I think. Without being leaky. Or preachy. Or judgmental. Now that’s tricky, isn’t that? And yeah, I want to know from someone who can think logically, and not like a spastic emotionally-burdened dork.

Dr. Siri: You certainly make me feel good about myself.

Blah smiles a bit. Dr. Siri notes a couple things in her mind, for later.

Dr Siri: So, what’s one of those days like, Blah?

….to be continued


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