A baby that’s mine..

Two large sparkling beads remind me of

The innocence of jumping rabbits.

That softest face, I want to protect

From every grappling touch and kiss.

Those golden brown curls

Dance on the slightest breeze.

The long lashes on those two beads

Hardly ever blink; they can melt any freeze.

His six teeth show whenever he

Laughs for no reason or cries for every reason.

His babble is so much more interesting

Than any psychology lesson.

The slightest eyebrows are raised

To the fullest to look around.

The tiny fingers clutch anything

Old and new; square or round.

I saw him crawl, I see him walk

I see him run and grow.

It scares me that one day

The world he will know.

2 thoughts on “A baby that’s mine..

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