The sea

I’ll rest on this hammock by the green-blue sea. The sea like my life, beautiful and mysterious. Till today, every moment has been beautiful. And like every next moment, unknown, mysterious.
I can only sit and gaze at the beauty. Never go beyond the wavy surface or the line where the sun sets.
The seasons come and go. Sometimes light and happy. Sometimes strong and hard.
The birds fly past. The fragrances enchant. But everything that comes, goes. Nothing stays.
It goes away leaving a lingering memory behind. Engraving a story in my mind.
Nothing takes me away. Nothing stays. Just leaves an imprint on me.
I sit and ponder. But I cannot get deeper than the shimmering surface of the sea. Even if I dive, the sea is too big for me.
It’s my own sea but I don’t know much about it.


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