I am oblivion

Hey you black and yellow caterpillar! I like the way you walk, with each leg following the other, creating a ripple. Hitler’s soldiers did not march this amazing. Are you aware that your walk, your tiny legs are studied? Or do you just keep walking to where your zillion legs take you?

You buzzing mosquitoes! You blood-suckers! Man invented mosquito repellents, nets, coils, and tabs to kill you. To shoo you away. They kill your grubs with slick oils. But do you give a damn? Or do you even know that you are getting only stronger? To kill more beings with your thinnest proboscis – dengue, malaria, filaria, encephalitis… Oh poor one! Do you even know, that when you suck blood to feed your eggs, you inject these diseases into peoples’ blood?

Puppies! The boisterous ones outside office, how you jump on everyone you see! And wag your tails, and lick, and run around like crazy, for lots of food and some love! Do you even know that most of the people here hate you? Send around emails so that you are put away to some dangerous place you don’t know? Tie you up all through the day for reasons you can’t fathom? A handful of people who like you, fight for you. Do you know that? How would you, you just continue to be playful, even as you grow.

And you plants, do you know why they grow you and take care of you? So that they can cut you and prepare soup and drink it.

And the goat tethered there, they feed you a lot, and you give them a feast. Do you know that, you dumb one?

And you girl, Karen, every time you smile, I feel good. That sweet smile assures me everything is right. Do you know that?



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